About The Art of Really Living

Time is our most precious commodity. When asked what their number-one wish would be, most people say they would like more time: more time to spend with friends and family. Yet many take time for granted and don't analyze or maximize the use of this most valuable resource. 

Consider this obvious yet counterintuitive notion: despite the clocks all around us, time, as we experience it, is not linear. It speeds up, slows down, freezes or disappears entirely - based on the focus, stimuli, emotions and environment in which our brains process it. Sadly, 98% of adults surveyed agreed that "time seems to be accelerating - each year feels a little shorter than the last." In the same study 64% of adults said that compared to now, summer as an 8 year old lasted “forever.” Why is time accelerating? Why did a summer as a child seem so much longer than a summer as an adult? Is there a way to design our lives to reverse these trends?  Can we slow and expand time?

Yes! The Art of Really Living is a movement and a philosophy focusing on how we can transform the way we think about time and live richer more meaningful lives in the process. Our mission is to help people live strengths-based resilient lives in service of creating intense and memorable experiences that slow time and help you live (almost) forever. 

How? We all have moments in our lives that are so intense, so memorable, they create “indentations” in our memory. The unique gravity of these experiences has the effect of slowing our perception of experiential time and expanding the length of our lives.

What if you could design a life full of more of these types of experiences? As it turns out, time-expanding moments of really living have a number of common factors: 1) they are almost always full of intensity and tension, suffering and joy, pain and exhilaration, discipline and freedom, requiring resiliency; 2) The climactic elements in these experiences almost always feature moments of strengths-based “flow” where a perfect alignment between our skills and strengths, rational minds and emotions helps us overcome the challenges; and 3) the most perfect of these “really living” moments includes a synchronous engagement with the people we love. 

The Art of Really Living is an exploration of how to identify our true strengths as human beings in order to create these moments, how to be resilient enough to handle them, how to design them to include the people we love, and how to do it again and again in order to expand time and "really live" almost forever. 

“Design a tomorrow to ‘Really-Live'  today, and create a yesterday worth remembering.”