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Chicago Ideas Week - Edison Talks

Time 2.0: How to Leverage the Non-Linear Nature of Time to Live Forever.

Join 900 people in the Cadillac Palace for 15 prominent and unique speakers and artists from various sectors giving short talks, interviews or performances on various interpretations of a particular theme. This year, we’ll explore "Is There Time?"

John will take the stage to first describe the role time has played in his life through speed skating, Y2K and beyond, then invite our influential audience to join you in pondering the question, “Is there time to value time?” "Why is time our most precious commodity and how do we experience it differently at different times?" "What can we do in our daily lives to better experience or make use of time?" "Can the Art of Really Living really make you “live forever”?"

Previous speakers include  Malcolm Gladwell, President Bill Clinton, General Colin Powell, Deepak Chopra, Buzz Aldrin, Donna Karan, Secretary Hillary Clinton, George Lucas, and others.