Vancouver Journal #1: Acceptance

The last day of the Torino Olympics, the producers and select support crew including myself were gathered in the cafeteria outside the venue for speedskating for an impromptu meeting. There we learned that an "after action review" (AAR) had taken place the prior evening with the bigwigs at NBC and that we were selected as key members for the 2010 team to come in 4 years. Duitifully waiting (with the occasional check-in) in the years in  between, I had finally made a call last November to my primary contact at NBC who answered with a less-than-optimistic response. "Everything is up in the air right now with the Canadian crew, so when I know something, I'll call."

Suddenly my strong possibility seemed a distant dream - OF COURSE the Canadian crew would want their own statistician and other crew members vs. an American...

But Friday, following a voicemail I left on Tuesday, I received the following email, and I am very, very happy:

From: Gesue, Joe (NBC Universal) Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 4:33 PM To: Coyle, John Subject: RE: Support team for Vancouver, 2010
Hello John,
I got your message and have good news -- we want you to join the team for Vancouver. I will have details within a few weeks, but I wanted to let you know that you should keep the time open. I'll talk to you soon.