9. Really Living "Through the Lens" with Mike Durr

Guest Post from Mike Durr, Photographer: Captured Moments of Really Living: My name is Michael Durr and I am a photographer.  In thinking how my images relate to the idea of "really living," I came to a simple conclusion - that photography is essentially just the process of documenting moments in time that create memories of "really living." As I thought of the spectacular moments I have captured - shooting weddings, events, friends and family - I reflected back on what "really living" means to me. For me, there's nothing better than heading out with my camera strapped around my neck to capture the world around me, those memorable moments of loved ones, or a bird in the sunset, or the monstrous trees of the Red Wood Forest, or an odd-ball look of a monkey at the zoo. “Really living” can be interpreted many ways and is probably different for everyone, but for me, "really living" is being able to stop take a deep breath and enjoy the natural world around me and truly see it and experience it, "in the moment."

Photography has always been a passion for me, it is how I see the world. Sharing these experiences, these moments, with others is one of the most rewarding parts of being a photographer.

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Thanks Mike, for sharing your art and eye and frame rate to slow time and show the beauty all around us - John