How to Live Forever: John K Coyle Introduces The Art of Really Living – Videoblog

(Rough Transcript)

Hello, I’m John K. Coyle and welcome to the Art of Really Living. As you can see behind me, its possible I may have a small obsession with time (or the fancy word “horology”. Let me ask you this, compared with a summer now, how long did summers last as an 8 year old? Well I have asked that question to over 300 people and 64% of them said “forever.” So, wait, are their less seconds in a summer now than their used to be? On this site and in my ongoing research we will be exploring some big questions like this. Here’s another – “what are you best at?” are you living a life focused on your natural strengths? Do you know what they are or how to find them? Or are you living, as Thoreau says, a life " of quiet desperation?"

Or this: Are you resilient? Do you grow from life’s natural stresses or are you becoming more fragile with each new challenge chipping away at your resolve? What can you do to become “antifragile” and get stronger to handle life’s challenges?

Finally, if the most important commodity in our lives is time, are you time starved or time saturated? I’m not talking about “time management” or getting things done, I'm asking the truly deep question of “are you killing time… or are you making time.” Are you killing time… or are you making time…?

This website, the blog, my speeches, and upcoming books will be exploring the intersection of these three challenges: strengths, resiliency, and time and how to design a life to maximize them.

I’ll end with a favorite quote from Abraham Lincoln.

"In the end, it's not the years in your life that counts. It's the life in your years"