Design Thinking: Applied to Strengths

This book is for anyone who has worked very hard at something… business, life, sport, music, hobbies—and stopped seeing progress. In these pages, John K. Coyle uses Design Thinking to reframe a commonly asked question: “how do I fix my weaknesses?” Instead he redefines the challenge of “how can I design for my strengths?” In support, Coyle weaves a fascinating thread from “Imaginariums" as a student at Stanford, to world-class racing as a cyclist and speedskater, and applying Design Thinking to emerging business problems. With contributions from more than a dozen leading experts, including Steven Kotler, David Kelley, David Eagleman, Daniel Coyle, and Chip Conley, as well as Olympic gold medalists Apolo Ohno and Meryl Davis, this book will engage, entertain and inform.

Design your life or someone will design it for you.... John Coyle has taken this idea and ran with it — the result is this book on Design Thinking and Human Performance. What we design, designs us back... this notion is the holy grail because the implication rings so true — we can create ourselves, every moment, through our creative and linguistic choices. I design therefore I become. Amen to that.
— Jason Silva, Host of the TV Show Brain Games
Brilliant insights on what it really takes to succeed — even for those of us who will never land on an Olympic podium.
— Laura Vanderkam, Author, Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done


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